About us


The project MacCarton was conceive in the head of a teacher, who was passionate about her job and driven by her desire to transmit her knowledge to her pupils. It is in collaboration with education professionals that the project MacCarton became a reality.

The best way to teach a child is to make it while playing, memorization will be enhanced by its association to pleasant memories.

There are several educational models, each one allows you to approach topics such as history, geography, society, which allows you to make a transversal approach to the program. Those models are also intended for parents who want to continue at home, the work started in the classroom. In addition, they are a perfect option as group activities since they are available in small sizes

Suitable for all levels, to build alone or in groups and to decorate according to your taste, the construction of those models will be a moment of pleasure and sharing !

  • 100% recyclable high-quality products
  • Good customer service
  • Relaxation guaranteed


3D graphic artist

Cyril Grange, the graphic designer in charge of the creation of our 3D models, is a very creative person full of innovate ideas. It is thanks to him that you will have a realistic visual representation of the models on his site!

Writing and support

Maryline Mestre is specialized in digital communication. She has lent its pen to write the content of the MacCarton site. The art of writing and presenting the products in an original way is their mission.

Our clients

If MacCarton exists, it is thanks to you! Whether you are the parent of a student or a teacher, we thank you for your trust and for the interest that you show on our models. Your commentaries and encouragements incentivize us to create and develop new models, for the happiness of all and especially, so that learning remains always a pleasure.


« MacCarton models are educative and original they approach several subjects of the program, they can be done alone or in groups. The most skillful students can help their classmates, which can be of mutual help. In overall, the product is well designed and solid!

Lisa G.

« MacCarton offers products that are complete and practical, the models offer the possibility of doing group activities in the class. Their models are for all levels from second to third cycle. In addition, the double tone cardboard gives place to many possibilities to decorate it according to the taste and the imagination of each person”.

Serge H.

« As a parent of a student, I was happy to be able to use a small model to work with my daughter at home. We had a good time together and I had myself a great time building the models, and understood better what my child is doing in class!”

Léa B.