The Roman Camp

When constructing “the Roman Camp” students will understand and practice the meaning of working in group while doing personal tasks in an organized way. Prepare to attack or to resist the enemy!


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Carefully pre-cut pieces and an innovative assembly system will make the building of this model a great educative and recreational experience for everyone.

“The Roman Camp” allows students to take a look at the sharp organization and efficiency of the Roman armies when setting up their daily camps during the war. The Roman Empire conquered many territories and ruled for more than 500 years in old times and it owes its success to the strength of its army.

When setting up “The Roman Camp” children will enrich from their work in group. At first, each student will be responsible of constructing one piece of the camp, then they will place the ramparts side by side, the children will build the camp together according to their taste, by installing tents in the center or around the camp.

The model can take three different shapes. It can be:

  • Rectangular, which is the most classic and popular format of construction,
  • Rounded, the most suitable form to encircle the enemy,
  • Rectangular and rounded at the same time, to simulate a strategy of encirclement but with more sedentary camps nearby

The double-tone cardboard allows you to give different aspects to this model. The Roman Camp can be decorated with stickers, markers, wood, metal, stones or any other material depending on the imagination of each person!

This model can be colored (with markers and colored pencils) or painted (preferably with gouache) in beige or brown tonalities, but you can also give free rein to your creativity and give it a completely personalized rendering.

“The Roman Camp” is made of 20% recycled materials. This model is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable.

Suggestions of activities related to this model:

  • Discover the history of the Roman Empire, its geographical location.
  • Make the connection with other historical battles of the time and understand how the population lived during the war in each social level.

 Based on the programs of the Ministry of National Education, the building of this model consolidates several of the common set of skills that are listed on the descriptive sheet available to download.


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The Roman Camp - Skills

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