The Haussmann House

“The Haussmann House” is a very original approach to help children discover the organization of French society in the nineteenth century, taking as an example the architecture of their homes.

Carefully pre-cut pieces and an innovative assembly system will make the construction of this model a moment of educational and recreational pleasure for everyone.


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“The Haussmann House” brings students to the heart of the 19th century and introduces them to the industrial development and the evolution of French society, the bourgeoisie, the appearance of the working class, and the traditional peasant class.

 Each student will build his own "Haussmann House", which is a facade. Then, the children can put all the facades side by side and /or back to back to form the famous Parisian "Boulevard Haussmann". This model could be constructed as a group work, in different classes or in groups of students so that each group or class builds a district of Paris.

 Who will be able to invest on the coveted 2nd floor of the “Haussmann House”?

 There are several possibilities available to decorate it:

  • Decorate ''The Haussmann House'' with the labels that come with it, which can be glued on the inside of the building. Several themes of the time (from the nineteenth century and today) and a series of blank labels offer you several options to decorate it. These labels come in a file in JPEG format, and can thus be modified with a drawing program, or colored in a traditional way with colored pencils or markers. They will give you the impression that you can see through the windows, as if you were there!

  • Personalise your model with stickers, markers or any other material according to each one's imagination..

  • Color the model with markers, colored pencils or paint it with gouache by doing patterns, colour gradients or giving a specific color to each social class.
  • As part of a sequence on electricity, you can also use the Haussmann house as a support, and place mini leds (not included) inside the house to bring out your decoration, and choose to illuminate the ground floor or the floors.

''The Haussmann House '' is made up of 20% recycled materials, like the rest of our products. This product is environmentally friendly, it is 100% recyclable.

 Suggestions of activities related to this model:

  • Learn about the history of the nineteenth century.
  • Discover the social structure of the time.
  • Approach the literary masterpieces of this period from authors such as : Emile Zola, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Honoré de Balzac, George Sand, …

Based on the programs of the Ministry of National Education, the construction of this model consolidates several of the common set of skills that are listed on the descriptive sheet available to download.


Data sheet

6th grade, 5st grade, 4st grade
3 x 1h
Nombre de pièces
Educational topics
The 19th century, Renewable energies (electricity, wind or solar energy), Paris, The european capital cities
Individual activity, Group activity


The Haussmann House - Skills

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