The house

Learning becomes fun with McCarton’s model “The house”.

Its carefully precut pieces and its innovative assembly system will make the assembly of this model a moment of educational pleasure and recreation.

The house” will enable children to locate spaces and to visualize their surroundings, their neighborhood(s), their city.


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The two-toned cardboard allows you to personalize this model in several ways. “The house” can also be decorated with stickers, markers, wood, metal, or any other material according to everyone's imagination!

Here are some creative ideas to color (with markers or colored pencils) or to paint this model:

  • Seaside in white/blue shades
  • Rustic with brick appearance
  • Chalet with a wood aspect

 Placed one next to the other, these houses will allow you to replicate the neighborhood and the living space of children, favoring this way working in groups.

 You can also use this model as:

  • Pencil holders, using the opening of the roof to insert pens and pencils that will be placed in the receptacle provided for this purpose
  • Nightlight, by placing LEDs and the switch (see accessories) in the notches of the model, and at the places you have chosen..

 This model is made up of 20% recycled materials. In addition, this product is environmentally friendly because it is 100 % recyclable.

 Suggested activities related to this model:

  • Know your neighborhood
  • Need and use of renewable energies.

Data sheet

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4st grade
5st grade
6th grade
between 2h and 4h
Nombre de pièces
Educational topics
Renewable energies (electricity, wind or solar energy)
The 20th century
Group activity
Individual activity


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