The Old Western City

The construction of '' The Old Western City '' is a fun way to learn about history, geography, English, technology and visual art. Interdisciplinarity guaranteed!

Manual work and fun learning are combined very well !


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"The Old Western City" allows pupils and students to immerse themselves in life in the United States at the time of the great discoveries starting at the fifteenth century. The great discoveries are the historical reflection of the exploration of our world with the discovery of new continents, and the will of expansion of the European kingdoms. With this model, children will be able to understand the strategy of conquest of Europe and the important criteria for the establishment of their cities: strategic geographical situation, mineral resources, furs ... This model '' The Old Western City '' was inspired from the famous ghost town of Calico, located in Southern California.

With the two-tone cardboard, you can give this model a multitude of different appearances, and the kraft side gives a "vintage" look, very typical of that time. This beautiful model invites you to a real journey throw the time!

 You can also personalize the saloons in several ways in using stickers, markers, wood, metal, or any other material according to everyone's imagination!

 If you prefer to paint, color or draw the "The Old Western City" (the kraft side offers a better hold for painting), you can give a traditional look by emphasizing brown tones and also write the names on the rectangle place, on top of your different buildings as : '' Saloon '', '' Restaurant '', '' Pottery '', '' Bank '' and of course '' Sheriff ''.

 Together, students will be able to easily build a street with a few houses, and even a city by grouping the creations of several classes. "

 This "Old Western City" model is made up of 20% recycled materials. This product is environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable.

 Suggested activities related to this model:

  • Understand the chronology of the great discoveries,
  • Discover the continent and the history of America and the associated vocabulary,
  • Understand the use of the natural resources of that time,
  • Discover the lifestyle of the inhabitants and the organization of their city.

 Based on the programs of the Ministry of National Education, the building of this model consolidates several of the common set of skills that are listed on the descriptive sheet available to download (in french for the moment).


Data sheet

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4st grade
5st grade
6th grade
between 3h and 5h
Nombre de pièces
Educational topics
The Anglo-Saxon culture
Group activity
Individual activity


The Old Western City - Skills

Download (336.38KB)

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