The Windmill

Learning while having fun, is possible with the model of “My Windmill”

Available in two versions and a multitude of possibilities to decorate it, “My Mill” Windmill make children and adults turn their heads!

Thanks to its board of precut pieces, the assembly and the manipulation of this model will be a moment of fun and educative pleasure.

Click here to watch the windmill turning.

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The windmill allows children to learn about agricultural production and rural lifestyle. This model teaches children about renewable energies, particularly wind energy, by approaching the concepts of physics and mechanics in a simple way. It also teaches them about the relation between environmental issues and global warming.

The windmill is available in two versions:

  • The first version is a traditional mill with rotating blades thanks to the wooden rod that comes with it, which serve as an axis of rotation.
  • The second version can be made, by installing a gear system in the back of the mill which allows the users to see the transformation of wind energy into mechanical energy. You will find this kind of material in stores specialized in construction toys or in the toys aisle in the supermarkets.

The two-tone cardboard allows you to give several different aspects to this model. “The mill” can also be decorated with stickers, markers, wood, metal, or any other material depending on the imagination of each person!

Here are some creative ideas, to color it (with markers and colored pencils) or paint it (preferably with gouache) :

  • Greek /Spanish style in white/beige tonalities
  • Dutch/Russian style in brown tonalities-wood aspect
  • Canadian style with exposed stones

MacCarton recommends attaching the mill to a heavy or rigid support, or to ballast the mounting base so that it can rotate without flying away.

The model is made up of 20% recycled materials. This product is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Suggestions of activities related to this model:

  • Learn about the rural lifestyle and the production chain of some food such as cereals, oil…
  • Approach renewable energies with the example of wind and hydraulic energy.

Based on the programs of the Ministry of National Education, the building of this model consolidates several of the common set of skills that are listed on the descriptive sheet available to download (in french for the moment).


Data sheet

3rd grade
4st grade
5st grade
6th grade
entre 4h et 6h
Nombre de pièces
Educational topics
Renewable energies (electricity, wind or solar energy)
Individual activity


The windmill - skills

Download (315.61KB)

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